• HAL24K Water are specialists in Data Science and the application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the global water sector.

    We help organisations solve problems and improve their operations through the application of Data Science. We support all parts of the water supply chain with the creation of software tools and products that can help solve the many challenges that the water sector faces.

  • Delivering Real World AI Applications

  • Our Mission

    “We enable our clients to unlock the power of data in order to drive change towards an efficient and sustainable water sector for everyone.”​

  • Latest News from HAL24K Water

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    Dutch province reduces CO2 emissions with Queue Prediction

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    Be certain about model uncertainty

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    AI in the digital water sector

  • How We Do It

    Through deep analysis of data, HAL24K Water develop and produce new, cutting-edge intelligent and predictive software applications that can hold the key to transforming vital water processes for the better. ​

    The products we create enable our clients to run their processes more efficiently, to reduce their energy use, to optimise their use of resources, to squeeze more from their ageing assets, and to provide their customers with a streamlined and altogether better experience.

  • Solving challenges with our flexible and adaptable approach

  • Why We are Different

    Our focus is on the water sector, and our experience working with water organisations enables us to understand the many unique challenges that this industry faces and the pressures that water managers are under. This means that when we get talking about your initiatives, we are already a few steps ahead.

    The result is that producing real solutions to your challenges is something we believe we can do faster than anyone else. The days of solution developments taking months and years are over – we are now in the world of software solutions in a matter of weeks.

    Our rapid development times are due to our unique agility and expert knowledge of AI and data science techniques, combined with our award-winning, in-house data science development platform COLLABORATE™.

    HAL24K Water work with all parts of the water supply chain from water utilities to technology providers, consultants and contractors.

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