• HAL24K Water is a Data Intelligence company based out of UK, Canada, Singapore and The Netherlands. We offer a suite of products and services that deliver operational and predictive intelligence to Water companies, Environmental Agencies, Insurance companies and National and Local Governments.


    We combine advanced data science, artificial intelligence, and deep learning with visualization and operational systems through our SaaS-based platform.


    Through a combination of recruiting the best people in the market, creating an exciting place to work and placing the latest AI techniques, we improve data-driven decision making in complex, real-time, operational environments and deliver bottom line benefits by optimising resources, avoiding process disruptions, saving costs and improving sustainability.


    We focus our abilities and capabilities on Sustainability in the Water Sector globally.


    Brian EF Shea

    Chief Executive Officer

    Experienced global leader

    Proven history in sales and delivery

    Committed and focused

    Dave Burrows

    Chief Technology Officer

    Proven commercial software architect

    Experienced product development manager

    Scientific/Analytical background

    Andrew Moore

    Chief Delivery Officer

    Internationally experienced PM

    Proven in delivery of value to the client

    Business and financial returns focussed

    Noel Gee

    Chief Sales Officer

    Experienced in Global Sales

    Very Successful Sales Leader

    A true Team Builder

    Patrick Mol

    Lead Data Engineer

    Founding partner of PROLIN

    30 years experience in DevOps

    Accurate & persistent, never give up

    Scott Charlesworth

    Lead Data Scientist

    Experienced AI/ML Professional

    Customer Centric

    Thought Leader

    Matthew Stephenson

    Director Europe Region

    Wealth of experience in Water Business Development

    Customer focused

    Here to bring great solutions to the world of Water

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