ECS continues renovation of Great Ouse Groundwater Scheme pumping stations

To ensure that the allocation of water resources is safeguarded and optimised for the future of the region, the Environment Agency has enlisted ECS Engineering Services to upgrade the pumping stations that form the Great Ouse Groundwater Scheme (GOGS). The stations are vital for pumping water to local river catchments and to Essex during dry summers.

The GOGS features 26 boreholes used to pump water up from the water table. As part of the scheme, the Environment Agency operates 15 groundwater pumps, many of which date from the inception of the scheme in the 1970s. These installations are particularly important, as the Great Ouse is known for overflowing in winter and drying out in summer. The GOGS is connected to Ely Ouse to Essex Transfer Scheme (EOETS), which ensures that Essex has access to additional water resources even during the driest summers.

To improve the efficiency and safeguard the operation of the GOGS, the Environment Agency has approached ECS Engineering Services to overhaul multiple pumping stations. Having previously completed refurbishments at Devil’s Dyke, ECS is now undertaking projects in the Thetford Forest area. ECS is a leading provider of electromechanical engineering services to the water sector, often working as an approved framework contractor for UK water authorities.

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