• A water utility based in Northern Holland were seeking to optimize the use of expensive chemical in the water treatment process at one of their key water treatment facilities. They needed to ensure water output could be maintained despite variable incoming water quality from two sources.

    A leading UK water utility company wanted to gain a better understanding of the risk of failure at their water treatment sites. HAL24K Water’s ‘Situational Awareness’ product was created specifically for this customer to highlight current status at complex water treatment sites and highlight the consequences of failures within the site.

    Our client are responsible for ensuring water security of ground & surface water, supply & treatment of drinking water, sewage treatment, flood defence & flood prevention. They have many sustainability & financial targets they are also required to meet while simultaneously managing the conflicting priorities of nature, agriculture & recreation.

    HAL24K were approached by a Municipality who have responsibility for managing the sewer network in a region of the Netherlands. They wanted to investigate whether it was possible to reduce customer contacts about sewer issues i.e from smells and spills, by developing a data solution that may anticipate issues , allowing them to resolve them before customers felt any impact.

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