• Included as part of the HAL24K WATER PRODUCTION solution, this analytics module, and associated dashboard components, characterises the sensor data and alarms across an entire plant.

    It then calculates “typical” operational values (which can also be overridden manually by your own engineering team). Finally, it uses mathematical models to detect significant deviations from these “normal figures” and calculates a risk level for every process (and every telemetrically monitored asset). Finally, it presents the results using traffic-lighted schematics and maps so that risk can be assessed at a glance.


    If you wish to implement your own risk calculations, that is also possible as the risk functions are fully enhanceable using Python and various statistical and deep learning tools.


    Where high risk is detected, drill downs allow engineers to understand the root cause, with traffic-lighted indicators at the sensor level to focus attention and speed root cause diagnoses.



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