• Every water company has multiple, disparate and complex systems handling a huge range of assets and associated data. Situational Awareness from HAL24K Water, provides real-time insights into asset performance from individual components and all the way to fully integrated complex process networks to create full visibility for your business.


    Situational Awareness from HAL24K Water brings together multiple complex systems within a centralised, secure, cloud-based platform that is built to respond to diverse needs with data informed insight.


    For water company personnel and management, Situational Awareness from HAL24K Water provides an integrated view of organisational information, creating data empowered users with enhanced skills and more efficiently managed workloads, across the company. This is achieved through digital automation, data optimisation and a live view of risks which allows the utility to move from reactive responses to proactive and truly strategic management - with all associated performance and cost benefits.


    Data Empowered

    The HAL24K Water Situational Awareness product set is providing data driven insights for current and future-predicted operational challenges, while also providing the capability to analyse historic events, over months and years, so that water companies can learn and improve.

    Use Case

    The HAL24K Water Situational Awareness solution is providing insights into data for a wide number of challenges, including risk and risk calculation, alarm filtering, route cause analysis, pumps and pump failure, chemicals, maintenance plan progress and exceptions, filtration, disinfection, CSO, leakage, water quality, pollution, unauthorised spillage of untreated water, and so on.

    Our Situational Awareness products create an enterprise-wide strategic data capability that can be applied across the whole of a water treatment works organisation. Situational Awareness from HAL24K Water is being applied to:

    • Clean water production

    • Wastewater treatment

    • Clean water distribution networks

    • Sewer networks, CSO's, pollution reduction, etc.

  • Download our "HAL24K Road to Situational Awareness" white paper

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