• Our Water Production Solution gives a country wide, or regional, view of clean water production operations.


    An important part of our Collaborate Data and Model Ecosystem is our Water Production Solution. This solution consists of a water-specific datastore, integration pipelines, interfacing with operational systems, and a series of dashboard that assesses and visualises actionable information and risk of the end-2-end water production process:

    • Plant by plant risk summaries
    • Schematics-based risk visualisations
    • Water quality metric risks
    • Maintenance performance risks
    • Pump cycle anomaly risks
    • Chemical levels & usage anomaly risks  

    Whether you want to use it as an off the shelf solution, or as a basis to kickstart your own data analytics, the HAL24K WATER PRODUCTION solution will get you started fast, and then expand to include your own calculations and new AI models as you continue your data journey.

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