• Option 1 – Solution exploration and initial data assessment

    If you have an idea or a data science challenge that you believe may solve a problem or improve a process we will work with you to scope a new data application and assess the feasibility of the idea including a high-level review of your data and high-level cost benefit appraisal.

    Typically no charge, no commitment.

    Option 2 – Create Proof of concept for a new solution.

    We produce a functioning prototype solution to demonstrate the feel, functionality, and potential value of your data solution. Use this to prove the application in your organisation and decide whether a wider roll-out is suitable.

    Typically a fixed price engagement depending on complexity/scope of the solution.

    Option 3 - Full solution adoption

    Usually following a Proof of Concept. We provide a fixed price quote for the creation and implementation of your solution . In addition to traditional purchase (fixed price + licence), we can also offer a complete SaaS option (monthly fee, low commitment) for most new solutions.

    Our existing solutions can also be adapted and configured to suit your circumstances. SaaS and traditional price options available.

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